A storyteller not just tells a story, but passes on fundamental knowledge that transforms lives for a better world. A storyteller never gets bored of storytelling. Just ask him to tell one, and he’ll promptly put his thinking cap on and ask, ‘Aye! But, which one would you like to listen to?’

Aye represents saying yes to all your business needs in the realm of online promotion. Be it making a website, promoting it online, sustaining the interest by social media marketing, A for Aye are the first words that should come to your mind for any such business solutions.

Social Media

Digital Marketing

Social Media+Online Advertising+Content=$$$

Web Design

Creating beautiful digital spaces, helping your brand stand out.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Creation of Mobile apps for your products, processes and services.

Presentation Design

Creating beautiful presentations to help you communicate with your client’s – internal and external – more effectively.



Design, create and manage annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly newsletters for internal and external targets.

E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool that provides highest ROI on your advertising buck. Our skills in this area can help you increase sales through this medium.

Blog management

Blog management

Conceptualising and creating blog posts for your organisation. Managing traffic flows to increase engagement with the blog and related analytics.

online advertising

Online Advertising

Help us help you effectively navigate the high potential online audience earning you greater ROI on your ad spends.



A powerful visual tool to tell a story of your idea, product or service.

Photo Editing

Photography And Photo Editing

Photography and photo-editing services are key to make your products appealing to the customer. Our high quality service can make your products sparkle.

Video Making


Conceptualisation and creation of videos for your organisation, product or service. Animated, documentary or case-file styles can make your communication more effective.

Film Marketing

You love your film, so do we and we will do whatever it takes to make it a success.

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A for Aye Digital is a digital marketing agency helping brands and organisations build great businesses in the ever evolving online marketplace. We work with all the tools available out there to provide your business the edge to get ahead.

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